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What is Tusk Travel?

Tusk Travel is the new company in the travel sector, where, from Leisure in your city, to any destination in the world, we only offer you what has previously been validated and experienced by our expert travellers. For your comfort you can check our recommendations both on our website, and in our spectacular office located in India (Delhi) and USA (New York).

What does Tusk Travel offer me?

Tusk Travel, offers you the opportunity to experience the best travel experiences. Through its experts, Tusk Travel recommends only what has been enjoyed, evaluated and experienced previously by our staff in all parts of the world. And best of all, if you want something very particular, do not worry, we prepare your trip a la carte.

What kind of tour can I buy in TUSK TRAVEL?

In Tusk Travel we do not sell trips, but we offer you experiences, designed and prepared by our own experts, who have known and lived in the destinations we propose. In Tusk Travel we do not recommend anything that we have not tested before. Do not hesitate and check out our website.. If you still want something very special contact us and we will prepare it ready to enjoy it.

When will I receive documentation of my trip?

Any purchase made in Tusk Travel, once confirmed the availability of your reservation, is confirmed by email to your account registered in Tusk Travel. Likewise, we will send you your travel documents by email in the form of the electronic ticket or flight call and the voucher of the hotel service. You must print these documents and present them at the counter the day of the start of your trip. Remember that for any doubt, question or suggestion, you can contact our customer service.

What kind of travelers will I find in these circuits?

All types of travelers. India is a country with many options and that is why it attracts all types of travelers. They are usually couples, but there are also small groups of friends and people who go individually or as a family. The group travels together to each destination but once there, each one organizes how they want their free time.

Can I customize the tour?

Yes, of course, contact one of our travel expert to obtain a personalized quote.

Is there a minimum number of people to complete the tour?

All circuits leave from 2 people. Anyway if you travel in a single room we can offer you the trip equally, do not hesitate to contact us.

How many people form each group?

Depending on the season there may be groups of up to 05-15 people or larger groups(20 -25 people) in high season (with coaches).

How are the hotels?

In India you can enjoy charming hotels despite the fact that the hotel industry is not the one we are used to in Europe. The vast majority of circuits are in 4 * and 5 * hotels and we have carefully selected them to offer good comfort for our customers.

Who is the provider of this circuit?

Tusk Travel have the best deals because we are tour operators and we work directly with the receptive in the country, avoiding the additional cost of intermediaries.

Do they include local guide?

We include local English/Spanish/French-speaking guides in each city for all visits. In the case of group trips, with a minimum of 6 people you will have an accompanying guide for the entire circuit. In the case of private trips we can quote this service (consult).

How is payment made?

You can book by calling at (+91) 920 5002 884 to make your reservation with a travel agent. Once the pre-confirmation of reservation is made, you have a period of 48 hours to make the payment. You can pay by credit card (+ 2% bank fee), paypal (+ 3% paypal commission) or bank transfer (no commission). We will give the details data to you once the pre-reservation is made.

Can I cancel my reservation

Tickets once issued have cancellation fees. To reduce the risk of cancellation of your trip you can take out insurance at the time of making your reservation.

How can I reserve my tour?

You can make the reservation through any of these two options:

  • By telephone, speaking with an travel expert at (+91) 920 5002 884 - Hours: Monday to Saturdays from 9 am to 9 pm.
  • By email, filling in your information in the contact form of our website. In a period of 24 working hours we will contact you to help you.
What are the procedures to travel to India?

For citizens of the European Union, a passport valid for 6 months after return and a mandatory visa is required. Check with us all the documents and procedures necessary to process the visa. For certain regions such as Sikkim, Darjeeling and the Andaman Islands, a special permit is required and can be processed at the consulate before embarking on the trip.

What language speaks in India?

In India, Hindi and English are spoken, which are the official languages. Each state in the country has its own languages and dialects. In general, the country has dozens of them.

How is the weather in India?

The climate in India can be divided into three seasons: first, the cold season that includes the months with the most pleasant temperatures in all of India and that goes from November to March; second, the hot period that goes from April to June and finally, the monsoon season includes the remaining months. Even so, India is a very large country and the climate may vary depending on the area or region.

What should I carry in my luggage?

It is very important to be comfortable, not only of clothes, for which it would be advisable to go with cotton and light clothes, but also of footwear, since you never know where we are going to walk.

During the winter, from November to March, it is advisable to take warm clothes, especially at night. The sunglasses will be very useful for us. In the monsoon season all that is recommended during the rainy season, raincoat, umbrella, etc.

How should I dress in the temples?

If you are a woman, do not go with very short clothes unless you know the area well, especially to avoid suspicion. Nudity is bad seen on the beaches, even in the tolerant Goa. In the mosque you have to enter barefoot but you can enter with socks. Look at the posters that usually indicate the access rules. In Sufi sanctuaries you have to cover your head with a hat or handkerchief.

Is it a safe country?

In the first place, it must be said that it is a fairly safe country, and that it is very rare to find any type of robbery with violence. It is true that we must take many precautions and never neglect personal objects. Special precaution is recommended with the passports since the losses and thefts are very frequent.

Do I need travel insurance?

When traveling abroad, it is advisable to take out travel insurance that covers possible thefts or losses.

What health aspects do I have to take into account?

Evaluate if you are able to travel. You have to check that all vaccines are up to date and visit the doctor to make sure everything is correct. Typhoid vaccines are recommended and precautions against malaria should be taken. Be careful with food, do not eat anything that is not cooked or peeled and always drink bottled water.

Any eating guidance in India?

The first thing to do is to take things slowly and observe that he chooses the rest of the premises, before eating in any position we should look at how and where the cook cleans the utensils. Learn to eat fried foods, because that will kill any type of germ. Beware of meat and also natural juices in the premises, it is best to make the seller make the juice in front of us. Especially in India it is very important to drink bottled water.

What is official language of India?

Hindi, which coexists with 15 other recognized languages. English is the most spoken foreign language.

How much population in India?

With one billion people, India is already the largest democracy in the world. A concentrated overpopulation in the three main urban areas: Delhi, Bombay and Calculta. Despite this, 70% of the country continues to be mainly rural.

How is the Hindu culture?

In India, social class is very important so any conversation will start directly with questions about your studies and your work. It is not usual for couples to kiss or open in public, usually the communication will be in English. Hindus are quite conservative at the time of dressing. Indian women can wear trousers but the skirt or shorts in women can be offensive in what areas. The Indians eat with their fingers, a habit that can be difficult for a Westerner. They have the belief that the right hand does noble tasks and left the less graceful tasks. When drinking the lips should not touch food or drink of others.

Traveling with children?

Traveling with children to India is not as strange as it might seem, it is not difficult to find experience tips. It is a destination that requires being specially informed, a good self-evaluation and having a clear plan of economic capacity.

What kind of currency and money do I need?

The official currency and the only one that is accepted throughout India is the "rupee" and can be changed in all major cities although, as always, it is advisable to change, at least, a little at the airport to our arrival in the country where , according to the current change, they will give us around 60 rupees for each euro. We can find many ATMs in India so we will have to check with our bank and not carry large amounts of cash.

What souvenirs do you have to buy in India?

India is the paradise of shopping, not only for high quality items but because it becomes a ritual accompanied by tea to entertain the time spent haggling.

You can buy all kinds of clothes at a very affordable price, from cotton to silk and all kinds of textile products such as tapestries, bedspreads, carpets, etc.

The jewelry is also quite varied. You will find all kinds of crafts of different materials, in addition to the typical puppets of Rajasthan. The lovers of spices and tea will not know where to choose and you will surely find thousands of curious things along your way.

How is music and dance in India?

In addition to classical dances, India is particularly rich in specific folkloric forms.

Each area has its own special varieties, be they martial, seasonal, ritual, sacrificial, celebration, educational or talismanic. This may vary from location and they all share a common heritage of myths and symbols. In India, dance and music penetrate all aspects of life and bring color, joy and happiness together with any kind of festivity.

Are tips given in India?

Tips are not included in any service or itinerary. Tips are not mandatory during the trip, it is appreciated if paid. But in group trips it is usual to tip the guides and drivers approximately INR per day. It is not necessary to tip in most restaurants. Tip is usual in four and five star hotel.

Festivities for each month of the year:
  • January: VasantPanchamise celebrates at the beginning of the month especially in Bengal and takes to bless the goddess Sarasvati and on the 26th, Republic Day, anniversary of its proclamation.
  • February: Durga Puja, is the most popular festival in India and Shivaratri.
  • March: Holi, is one of the most typical festivities and the MahavirJayanti.
  • April : Ramanavami, celebration of the birth of Rama in the temples dedicated to Vishnu and Good Friday, also work party.
  • May: Baisakhi, party in honor of Guru Nanak and the party of Buddha Jayanti, day of Buddha's birth.
  • June: Car festival, held in Orissa.
  • July: Teej, rajasthani festival in honor of Parvati.
  • August: Janmashtami, commemoration of the birth of Krishna and on the 15th, Independence Day of the British.
  • September: GaneshChaturthi, a festival dedicated to the god with the head of an elephant.
  • October: Day 2. Birth of Gandhi and Durga Puja, the holidays last ten days.
  • November: Diwalies one of famous festival in India. Camel Fair of Pushkar, exciting event with animal market.
  • December: Day 25 Christmas, working party in all India.
What type of travel insurance is best for me?

In matters of travel insurance it is always advisable to take the most complete to be covered before any unforeseen event impossible to control. That is why in Tusk Travel we include a compulsory basic insurance in all our experiences for your convenience. Also, do not stop looking at our proposals, in many we give you the best travel insurance.

Is it advisable to take out travel insurance?

Of course, in this way you will always be covered before any unforeseen event that may arise before and during the enjoyment of your trip. In Tusk Travel we include a mandatory basic insurance in all our experiences for your convenience. Also, do not stop looking at our proposals, in many we give you the best travel insurance.

Where can I claim?

First of all we regret that you have had some bad experience, so if something has not been 100% of your pleasure you can contact our customer service, we will be happy to assist you. As a consumer, the claim is a right that you have and that Tusk Travel is never going to dissuade you, so you can go to any public or private body you want, or through our claims sheet that you have in our store.

What is the difference between a credit card and a debit card?

The difference between a credit card and a debit card is basically based on how you pay the amount you pay. That is, with a debit card you make your payments directly with the money you have in your savings account, notebook, etc. while with a credit card you pay with a money that your banking institution lends you and you will return in the terms and conditions agreed with your financial institution. For more information, please consult your bank.

What is the CVV or security code?

This is what is known as Card Verification Value. These are the digits of your credit or debit card that you have on the back of your card located further to the right in a group of three numbers. When requested, the only objective is to verify that the card is in the hands of its owner or owner. This code is only printed on the card, it is not stored in the magnetic stripe, nor is it included in the bank account summary. It is another system to give you the greatest security in your purchasing process.

Can I use a different credit card at the time of the final payment than the card I used when I made the reservation?

We are sorry to inform you that it is not possible to carry out this management. Now at Tusk Travel we are clear that one of the best ways to grow as a company and offer the best service is by listening to our customers, so we will value that request to be highly demanded.

How many kilos of luggage can I take on the flight?

We inform you that there is a series of standard regulations regarding baggage in flight. In any case we recommend you always check the particularities of the airline with which you will fly for all types of luggage and its regulations.

What documentation should I present when I enter the hotel?

In addition to your ID or passport, you must submit the documentation that we will send you to your registered email account in Tusk Travel, before enjoying your Tusk Travel experience. In the case of not having received anything days before your trip, please contact our customer service.

Can I cancel or modify a hotel reservation? What expenses can a cancellation or reservation modification generate?

In Tusk Travel you can make the cancellation, both partial and total of your purchase, always notifying it in writing by the owner of the purchase. This cancellation may result in cancellation fees resulting from the reservations made for your purchase that will depend on the particularity of the purchase and the conditions of the provider (Tusk Travel does not charge cancellation fees). You can check the amount of the amount by contacting our Customer Service. This amount will be deducted from the amount to be returned. Modifications will always be subject to new availability, in addition to generating operating expenses if the affected suppliers tell us so.

What do I do if there is no record of my reservation at the hotel booked?

Any purchase made in Tusk Travel, is confirmed by a confirmation of the contracted service providers, so you should not have any problem regarding your reservation of both the hotel and activities. In the case of having some type of incident, contact our customer service and we will take the appropriate actions to resolve it.

Do I have to notify the hotel if I plan to arrive later than 6:00 p.m.?

Whenever you estimate that, for any reason, you will not be able to check in at the hotel before 18:00, we recommend contacting the hotel to inform them of your delay. In this way the hotel will be informed and your reservation will remain valid. In our documentation that we give you before your enjoyment, you can access the different contact numbers as well as the suppliers. If you prefer you can also contact our customer service to perform this task and answer any other questions or needs you may have.

Can I stay in a hotel with my pet?

If you are interested in staying at the hotel with your pet, we recommend consulting before making any reservation or contacting our customer service or talking with our consultants in our store (Calle Príncipe de Vergara, 26, Madrid)

How many maximum rooms can I book?

In Tusk Travel, there is a limit of 9 people per trip. If you are more people, contact our experts. We will be happy to make special prices for groups.

How can I know the facilities that the hotel has?

Remember that each and every one of the experiences that we recommend in Tusk Travel have been previously tested and validated by our experts in each area of the world. In addition, in each our suggestions you can see a detailed summary of the conditions and facilities of the hotels.

What happens if, when I arrive at the hotel, they indicate that there is overbooking, that is, that there are no rooms available?

All the reservations made in Tusk Travel are notified and validated by our suppliers so you should not have any problems with your reservations. In addition, the hotel is obliged to give you an accommodation of the same or higher category in case of any incident of this type. In any case you have our customer service for this and any other questions, queries or suggestions you wish to communicate.

How can I know if the hotel offers a transfer service and how do I hire it?

In general, in all our recommendations made by experts in the area include the transfer. In any case, check the conditions and characteristics of each of them and if you have any questions or concerns, contact our customer service department or speak with our experts in our store. Remember that in Tusk Travel, not only do we recommend the best experiences made by experts who have traveled all over the world, but you can add any other service or make your trip a la carte.

If your question is not among those we have listed on this page, please contact us to resolve it